Balancing my career and my MBA program was walking a tightrope – after all, my undergrad is in engineering. My proposal had been accepted by the faculty and I had drafted almost half of my dissertation. Due to my career responsibilities, fieldwork was delayed and I knew that I needed a research assistant to help me cope with the pressure. When I came across the Maurice Consulting Agency Facebook ad, I messaged the agency. It turned out to be the best decision. Maurice Consulting Agency provided a diagnosis of my draft, a plan, and a budget with milestones for remedying the identified weaknesses. This helped me to regain control of my project without neglecting my career obligations. Apart from the personalized service, the turnaround time was impressive. Soon we were able to resolve all the impending issues in time for the production of my supervisor’s draft copy. Due to the quality of the initial draft, the supervisor’s comments were minimal. I was not only able to complete my master’s program in time, but Maurice Consulting also helped clarify my research skills. I found it much easier to defend my dissertation at the faculty and helped establish my authority in my new hat as a business consultant.