Relief After Grieve Over Facebook: Who is Safe?: A Letter to Metaverse

Facebook Hacker
The Facebook Hacker Has a Name and a Profile Picture

There is a discernible sigh of relief this holiday season. After all, indicators such as global and local restrictions point to an eased pandemic, and last holiday’s social anxiety is almost over.

This was not the appropriate time to lose a decades-old Facebook account. An account that is as old as Facebook and the mammoth that it is today, Metaverse.

If you have never had any of your online accounts hacked, sit back, relax, and listen. You are like me before the beginning of this holiday.

You have a sensible password, you run an updated antivirus on your device, you do not click on unfamiliar links, and you keep your password safe.

Then you log in to your Facebook account and you find the message notification indicating an unread message from your friend.

As an online entrepreneur, it is hard to ignore a message from one of your contacts. Apparently, the hacker knows this and lays in wait using your contact’s hacked account.

It turns out to be a merry Christmas message, to which you reply with a Christmas emoji. Before you browse off your friend is excited about you chatting and wants to send you free data bundles.

‘Just remind me of your phone number, I will send you the link, then you click yes.’

After that friendly little chat with your Facebook contact, your Facebook account automatically logs off. When you try to sign in again your password is no longer working.

Contacting Facebook admin does not result in an immediate help because your login details have been changed. You can no longer receive the password reset on your email or phone.

Someone has taken charge of your account and all your contacts become vulnerable. In a nutshell, Facebook no longer recognizes you.

Since Facebook is largely an artificial intelligence-based company, there is provision for this long story, you have to create another account, which I did. The grieving is in a huge loss and the vulnerability that comes with it.

To compound the matters, the lost Facebook account was an admin of a couple of group accounts. As we speak, the account has stopped working. Maybe, maybe Facebook or Metaverse or whatever has an ear.

As we speak, the account has stopped working. Maybe, maybe Facebook or Metaverse or whatever has an ear.

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