Frequently Asked Questions

Customized Communication Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What services do you offer?

We are a communication solutions agency providing entire range of personal, organizational and academic solutions.

2. What are communication solutions?

Essential services to support your stakeholders relationships, such as, customer relations, organizational or institutional reporting, and government, community and peers (or competitors) relations.

3. Do you help students to cheat in their tests and assignments?

No. Our education-based process empowers students and managers to selectively access, navigate, and filter information to save time and ensure the information’s relevance and adequacy.

4. What about privacy?

The growth of our brand is premised on trust’s customization where every client sets the desired privacy rules and every project concept, therefore, having a privacy clause for customer’s approval. Privacy is absolute in our internal policy.

5. In which country are you registered?


6. Who is your target market?

Global mass market.

7. How do I pay?

Mobile Money and PayPal are the main payment methods. Other methods can be discussed.

8. How do you deliver your services?

We use online multimedia tools and field visits where necessary.

9. What are your rates

Our rates are negotiable, beginning from USD 30 for basic documents.

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