Child Protection Social Action (CPSA)

The aim is to integrate child protection into the daily social and cultural practices

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Project: Child Protection Social Action (CPSA)

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Lead Facilitator: Maurice Consulting Agency


Child protection social action (CPSA) is a voluntary, community-based, child-protection community action. The project identifies and utilizes social networks to support and develop child protection strategies.        


Our aim is to facilitate a continuous integration of child protection practices into the community’s social fabric.  

Organization Development

Child protection serves as the vision while our partners’ support is the bedrock.

As a voluntary organization, our partners are free from any legal or financial obligations and can, therefore, withdraw their support anytime, anyhow.

The project obtains voluntary support by proposing or associating with prospective and strategic partners.

When we propose to business organizations, we aim to help the business to identify child protection strategies that can help the business to invest socially in the community.

With government departments, we seek to facilitate the translation of child protection data into community action(s).  

For the professionals – such as teachers, lawyers, politicians, civil servants, engineers, and so on – we propose child protection career paths.

For individuals, we propose CPSA as an avenue to give back to the community by supporting the creation of a conducive environment for children to flourish.

CPSA maintains partners’ support by nurturing a voluntary culture that is based on accountability and transparency among all partners.

Legal Status

  • Currently, CPSA is a voluntary, not-for-profit community-based initiative. Volunteer partners engage informally one-on-one on mutual interest matters.
  • Partners take child protection ideas through a legal, social, political, and economic evaluation before considering any community action.
  • If third part funds are sought, each project is considered on merit and its contractual status established or adopted.
  • This project is facilitated by Maurice Consulting Agency as part of a lifetime project of giving back to the community.      


  • The project main threats are passive and active opposition.
  • Passive opposition involves partners who fail to support a project they initiated or promised.
  • Active opposition could be confrontational and could come from partners or non-partners.

 Management of Threats

  • The project engages one-on-one with each partner to ensure accountability and transparency.

Ongoing Programs and Projects

The following project is under ongoing consideration.

Program TitleObjectivepartnersDates
Community Child Protection ProjectFacilitate child protection streamlining among preschool children.Education institutions, Government departments, Business and non-government institutions, the community.4th March 2022 to 3rd March 2027
Child Protection Social Project