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We support students in their academic careers, individuals setting up their enterprises, neighborhood groups advocating for social action, civil society mobilizing for resources, government bodies executing their mandates, volunteers and philanthropists doing what they like. We are small enough to work on your business card and big enough to work on your corporate strategy. We create time to research, organize, critique and support your efforts. We are empirical.

Communication is central to all activities. Individual, groups and organizations chart their objectives through various aspects of communication. Investing in communication secures your investment and guarantees returns. It is easier to talk about communication than to execute communication. At Maurice Communication Agency we have devoted ourselves to researching and developing participatory communication approaches.

We realize that no single individual, group or organization has all the necessary resources needed for communication design. We therefore provide a platform for stakeholders synergies to converge and diverge. Our referrals are mostly obtained through face to face interaction. We have expanded our user interface by utilizing online tools such as blogging, social media and email.

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