What It Means By Once You Go, Black, There Can Be Turning Back

Kanye West:

The fact that Kim Kardashian is walking out of Ye’s life – and choosing a non-black person – negates the truth in the saying that ‘once you go, black, you ain’t turning back.’

With a person like Elon Musk gracing the launch of his latest music album, Kanye West’s charisma is in no doubt. West, who has since adopted a new name, Ye, is the global entertainment news.

At one time, President Barack Obama referred to him as a jackass. Lately, Ye is in a process of separating from his equally famous wife, Kim Kardashian.

If you were in high school before the internet became a basic right, you can remember the rumors that swirled around dormitories on weekends.

One such rumor, that eventually found its way to the internet, was that Ye, Kanye West at that time, sacrificed his mom in exchange for fame and wealth!

Today, the internet has enabled people to know that celebrities are ordinary mortals. If everything can be bought by sacrificing others, no one needs a day job.

Yet, if Ye gained anything from the alleged sacrifice, it must be the torment he is currently undergoing.

Ye’s psychological state has been termed as bi-polar. One of the wide range of psychological conditions that qualify as mental illness.

This is Ye, who wants back his former wife, Kim Kardashian, who has since moved on.

During the high school tales which were gleaned from torn copies of older international tabloids, one of the myths – as told by my high school dorm mate, juvenile at the time – was that once a lady fell in love with a black, especially an American black, nothing would make her turn her back on the man.

The icon of the American black male at that time was the legendary Chicago Bulls basketballer, Michael Jordan.

Michael Jackson, who had taken over the hip-hop industry by storm and a subject of intense gossip regarding his spirituality, had become a god of sorts.

Therefore, with the apparent departure of Kim Kardashian from Ye’s life, once you go, black, there can be a turning back.

However, while the context of this myth is debatable, it highlights the black community’s desire to develop generations of males that take care of their female counterparts, for there no to be no turning back of the female partners.

The separation of Kim Kardshian and Ye, the mental condition notwithstanding, exposes the challenges of the black family.

We are talking of two very rich and very famous people who have sired four children together.

Try to figure out what could be happening on the other end of the spectrum where you find very unremarkable and the very poor.

The context of the saying that once you go, black, ain’t turning back, in the context of our juvenile discussion in the high school dorm, was basically wrong.

In our juvenile wisdom, in those high school days, the sexual prowess – of the muscular, rich celebrity stereotyped black male – was the key to ain’t turning back.

As a result, we have a horde of males that look at females as sexual objects to please and to play with. While there is no problem with this, it comes with the risk of neglecting the full potential of female partners.

In any case, Kim Kardashian – known for her leaked porn video back in the days – would not have survived sexual starvation quietly for that long. In marriage, sex is something, not everything.

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