The Intersection of Sex, Procreation, the Mind, and the Heart

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When Abyss Creations developed RealDoll, the market uptake was a phenomenon to behold.

For the uninitiated, RealDoll is a premium life-like sex doll with features such as life-like anatomy and is customizable. Thus, a potential owner of RealDoll can have ‘it’ molded to suit desirable personality traits in a spouse.

Last year Abyss Creations bagged XBIZ ‘Sex Doll of the year award.’ The success of the RealDoll project is further underscored by the announcement by Abyss Creation’s announcement that it is shifting its head office to Las Vegas, Nevada from San Marcos, California in the hopes of replicating its success.

Experts approximate that the global market for sex dolls at $ 30 billion putting it in the same league as the global cut flowers market.

Given such a background, and considering that RealDoll is a premium product, you would expect that non-premium sex dolls have a wider reach.

The penetration and growth of the sex doll market are worth an investigation of how people use sex.

Conventional sex, usually attached to the affective human domain, is relationship or procreation-oriented. Even if you consider commercial sex workers, for instance, they use seductive methods to lure those who are sex-starved.

Practitioners of solo sex, such as masturbation and sex dolls, usually report fantasizing about real people during their indulgence. Some use pornographic content to fuel their passions.

You can therefore conclude that human sexuality is relationship-oriented. The relationship can be real, like between a husband and wife, or imagined, like in a fantasy.

The ideal sex for an average human being is based on a real relationship. However, with developments in technology, this is fast changing.

The development of AI-powered life-like sex dolls puts people in a position to create a sexual utopia with a ‘personality of their making.

Some men, for example, in their quest for domination are known to enjoy squeaky bedroom noises, and so on, from their spouses. When a squeaking partner is not forthcoming, could a customized sex doll serve as a replacement?

Evidence, as pointed out by the growth in the sex doll market, point out that human sex is both mechanical and relational.

Mechanical in the sense that it is a natural reflex, such as sneezing, that cannot be withheld but has to be released. Relational in the sense sex act is an emotional bond between intimate partners. Sex, therefore, begins both in the mind and in the heart.

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