COVID 19 Vaccines: Is it That the Medics are Good Salespeople (or Have Medics been Hijacked by High Business?)

Hail COVID 19 Vaccines and the medical journals are all in vogue with product reviews in high demand. SEO experts are tired of pitching because the article log is full of tags in the waiting line while big money is coming from Vaccines producing Corporations. The agents are making a killing of their own, as the Pandemic claims its own. Their killing, however, is of a different kind that is geared towards the commerce side of it. Leave alone the fact that data about the vaccine reliability is at a less than optimal percent – some at seventy percent efficacy others higher. Several factors will influence which brand becomes the Coca-Cola or the Toyota’s of the Vaccines in the already politicized Pandemic.

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It is not often in the history of humankind to find a market as huge as that of vaccine production in a ravaging Pandemic. The hesitancy with which the people would ordinarily have the luxury of demanding full disclosure and licensing levels has collapsed to the bare minimum. The Pandemic is almost entering its second year and already caused sufficient damage thus the fear factor cannot be eliminated. Emergency-based promotions coupled with commercialization is pronged to ensure that sufficient emotions can be appealed to – as you would expect if the promotion were done for use of condoms for family planning. COVID 19 vaccines as products in the market in an effort to increase uptake risk using medical and other journals to achieve more or less the same objectives of emotional appeal.

Have you taken the jab? If yes, do you feel any safer? Are you safe? Are you safer? if no, do you intend to? If yes, why? If no, why? All these are important definitions of normal. However, the situation is not normal – so, it is not you to blame. Rationalizing your behavior provides motivation to pursue. When you are motivated, you get the energy – the drive to pursue what motivates. With the right energy, your mental and physical frame is better equipped to resist physical and emotional invaders. However, the medics, all of sudden, are not thinking from this kind of logic. They are telling you to take a certain amount of risk in return for an uncertain return – ‘better’ safeguard for your health without telling you for how long and to what extent.

Therefore, the Vaccine pitch is already on and the world is in a state of uncertainty with panics here and there. Medical merchandise promotion has always been subjected to formal channels, a preserve of ‘specially’ trained medical experts. So, while the rest of the world moved to tag and SEO and algorithms, medical merchandise takes expert reviews that are empirical in nature. The challenge is that there is enough data to back up the ‘special reviews,’ everyone with a bunch of evidence is in the market. However, that ‘everyone’ is just a couple or so of Medical Corporations in a global market. Outsiders want in because all other sectors are literally ground for a halt, meaning that if you are not active in the medical supplies value chain; you are not on top of the food chain.

The bottom line advice in the current vaccine market is caution and common sense. Caution because you do not want to be part of a mere statistic. Common sense because you can only a fool not to try the ‘only’ safe way available. Whether you take it or not, therefore, will form an important part of the ongoing narrative arc. Such a decision is not easy for the average person in an imperfect Pandemic environment. It is, in my opinion, important to temper the rational with the real and the spiritual because all are important. Non-vaccinated persons, for instance, are likely to benefit from the largely immune environment the vaccine ought to provide. So, whether you go for natural immunity or induced (Vaccine), immunity is largely influenced by a host of other factors. A nurse’s job description, for example, demands more caution in making the decision than a house-maker – depending on the level of exposure to active cases.

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