Rest In Peace Kenny Rodgers: You Made Country Beautiful

Late Kenny Rodgers (Google Images)

You’re there somewhere
Singing and riding your white horse
And enjoying the country breeze
In a better place
Sandy beaches n’ forest paths exist side by side
You chose your moment right
What with the Coronavirus

You picked a fine time to leave
With these damn viruses
And animals to tend
You’ve had some bad times
Lived through some sad times
But this time you’ve made your exit
You picked a fine time to leave, Kenny

You could have chosen the tracks
To dance to your farewell
But O’course you knew
That we couldn’t dance
What with these face masks
And lock-downs staring
With the calls for isolation

But you better know
That the headphones are working
And that you’ve been on rotation
Your baritone smooth as silk
Your words choice steak
You blaze the way
Into the beautiful countryside

Kenny Rogers: Lucille

By mauriceconsult

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