An Interesting story of communication

When do people turn to communication specialists?

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Perhaps we should have started with, who is a Communication Specialists as a question. But that is a long one which we can reserve for another day. As to when do people turn to communication specialists the correct answer is, all the time. Such an answer is not acceptable for the perceived scope of this article. So let’s go a step further and narrow down to specifics. Let’s put together the next good answer, when they are at their best. The next best answer is, when they are at their worst. And then, somewhere in between. Do people need communication specialists? The best answer, yes. The worst, No. And, of course, something in between.

Once upon a time there lived this lovely not very elderly couple who sat silently on afternoons one staring at a television set that they rarely watched. The colored images of elegant colognes, automobiles, and everything else including table salt. Some they needed, some they did not. When nine eleven caught them staring at the television set. This time, they watched the television and devoured every content of the unfolding. They jumped out of their sofas and started volunteering in the neighborhood museum. They were pickled by the realization that someone is teaching a wrong that needed to be made right. As you can now realize, the otherwise lack of drama in the household, turned in some sort of lofty gruntled tales of lives touched and lessons learnt. They had nothing to look forward to because they found their dream.    

Which brings us back to the question of when do people seek communication specialists. And the answer is, to bring you to speed, people do not seek communication specialists. With the next best answer being, people do seek communication specialists. At risk of the back and forth ping pong thing, let’s throw in, people do sometimes seek communication specialists. This discussion is one of logic: if not this, what. Or, given this, what follows. You know, after darkness, then light, or if no, not yes. And so on. Perhaps, again, we should move away from the question, well, to answer. We may stop here if you are lost, but there are hanging threads: one, what happened to the couple we talked about after nine eleven. Two, our ongoing discussion.

Bringing us to the answer, Communication specialists bring their services to the people. There is neither solicitation necessary nor needed. A few reasons include: because everyone is a born communicator and, hence, would not expect to seek the communication services, leave alone, paying for them. Which could imply, rightly so, that a communication specialist would be is an unnecessary expenditure. That can only be on the one hand. On the other hand, we could bring in, people are not born communicators and, quintessentially, think of deploying or employing a communication specialist. Which, of course, is not true but necessary for this discussion.

Back to our not so elderly couple, they have launched a career. The new journey is sort of being born again. They are happy volunteers in the neighborhood. They are now able to interact with many by their first name. As a result, their efforts have received the attention of the neighbors. Mentioned in this forum today, another tomorrow. Their evening reminiscences are interrupted by informal calls from formal leaders. Some offer favors, some seeking them. All this was very important for them. They find it fulfilling. This is becoming too much, they intoned to one another.   

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